mercredi 10 mai 2017

An escape to the top of the world

Last month my boyfriend and I went on a little vacation in  the French Alps to visit his mother who leaves near Chamonix and the took this little trip as an opportunity to go up to l'Aiguille du Midi, a mountain peak culminating at 3842 meters, accessed by cable car, and offering a breathtaking view of the Mont-Blanc, but also the Aosta valley in Italy and the Swiss Alps.
Seeing the world from a different point of view was such a refreshing and resourcing experience and we got extremely lucky with the weather since there was not a single cloud in sight (even though the temperature up three was minus 12 degrees celcius). 

The only (other) animals that you can find up there are there fearless black birds called chough that seem to be totally oblivious of the void around them and of the altitude.

This day trip also gave me an excuse to sport a hand-made beanie (one of my obsession from the past Winter) one last time before its Spring and Summer exile in the back of my closet. This one is the Lucie beanie by Wool and the Gang in the color Pink Lemonade.

dimanche 7 mai 2017

All dressed up and nowhere to go

River island, jumpsuit, floral, boho, flower, crown, nude, sandals, bangles
While browsing clothes online, I keep spotting beautiful pieces that would be perfect for weddings. I sadly have no weddings to attend this summer. However I might splurge on this River Island jumpsuit (if it ever comes back in stock) just so I can wear it with a flower crown, nude heels, gold bangles, mint nails and soft nude makeup, and pretend I'm the singer of a band performing at a romantic English garden wedding. 

mardi 25 avril 2017

Spring makeup look

The thing about winter that really weighs on my mind is not so much the cold as the dullness and lack of color outside (especially in cities). When Spring comes it always amazes me how a bit of green on the trees can transform the streets and my mood. So, in celebration of this beautiful season, here is a little makeup look I created around soft pastel tones.

Products used:

Lancôme La Rose palette
Maybelline Turquoise color tattoo
Red Cherry DS 04 lashes
Lancôme Sparkling framboise cushion blush
Essence Rainbow highlighter
Dior Première lipstick

Since the mint shade in the Lancôme palette is a bit sheer, I used a turquoise cream base to make it pop. I then used the (divine) taupe shade in the inner and outer corners as well as lightly swept in the crease. I further defined my crease with a tiny bit of he dark grey shadow. Lastly I applied the pastel pink above the crease (with a very light hand) and the lighter pink in the inner corner. I finished the eyes with a bit of black eyeliner that I smudged with the dark grey. The falsies are Red Cherry DS 04 (I am in love!!!!)
On my cheeks I used the Lancôme cushion blush in Sparkling framboise and the blue and purple stripes of the Essence highlighter, which I also dabbed on top of the Dior Première lipstick. 

There you go you are now a shiny unicorn all glamed up and ready to gallop across rainbows!

mercredi 19 avril 2017

Candy floss dreams and DIY fails

skirt, pink

Introducing my latest DIY, the Ada skirt by Wear Lemonade, sewn in a dreamy candy floss denim.
For the first time, I'm somewhat satisfied with a sewing DIY. Usually there's always something that puts me off wearing an item: the fabric isn't right for the pattern (like using a thick burgundy velvet for a wrap dress, making it look like a medieval gown), or my limited sewing skills mean that some stitch lines aren't straight and makes the garment look wonky or ill-fitted, and the list goes on...
However, for once, I feel like I actually want to wear that skirt. I might shorten the hem a bit and put on belt loops so I can wear it slightly higher and accentuate my waist with a belt, but, overall, I think Ada and I are going to be best friends this summer.

Are you working on a DIY project at the moment? What do you do when you DIY doesn't live up to your expectations?

Jupe, skirt

shoes, rose, gold, metallic

Outfit details:

Jacket - Mango
Skirt (DIY) - Ada pattern from Wear Lemonade
Sneakers - Zalando
Lips - Charlotte Tilbury Lost Cherry

mercredi 12 avril 2017

Urban Fairy Tales

Pink, tulle, skirt, blush, leather jacket, soft pink, suzanna, boots, stay home club, t-shirt

Things I'm loving right now:

1) Taking outfit pictures with my boyfriend. I took these pictures on my own and I think you can really see the different in terms of quality (hence the sparkly effects), but also regarding my posture and facial expression. I'm not always at ease even when he's behind the camera, but at least he manages to make me smile and laugh, which is always better than the tensed face I make when I'm worried I'm going to be "caught" in the middle of a self-portrait operation with a tripod and remote. So here's to more collaboration with the BF... hopefully...

2) Fairy tales. I enjoyed reading them as a kid, I now love studying them. Recent collections I've read are Emma Donoghue's Kissing the Witch, Angela  Carter's The Bloody Chamber and Francesca Lia Block's The Rose and the Beast. I've also read the two first volumes of The Lunar Chronicles by Marisa Meyer which have a futuristic setting (genius!). I've just started Beast by Brie Spangler...

3) Tulle skirts. Might be linked with my previous favorite. I just love a nice tulle skirt that makes me feel like a princess/ballerina/walking marshmallow. I just got a mint green one from H&M's Spring collection. Navy is next on my list.

4) Teen Wolf. Surprise! Another fairy tales related favorite. I keep telling myself that I'm way too old to watch this show, but man do I love a good werewolf story. Throw in some teenage drama and I'm hooked! 

5) Cool t-shirts. I love a nice comfy t-shirt with a fun logo or a catchy phrase. This one is from Stay Home Club, but I also love Luella and I'm eyeing a few from Teesandtankyou.

Stay home club

 Outfit details:

Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
T-shirt- Stay home club
Necklace - Mango
Skirt - H&M
Boots - Dosenbach/Deichman

vendredi 7 avril 2017

The 90s and some career thoughts

I'm so happy that it's finally Spring (although it's the first time in my life that I feel like Winter went by fast) and I'm so happy with my new Studio DIY clutch. This clutch actually perfectly reflects my current interests and thoughts. First of all I've really been on a 90s kick lately, listening to the Spice Girls and rewatching Friends episodes that I've already seen a million times. I love this show so much. I think it's one of the first series that I watched as a kid and even though I know it every season (almost) by heart I still enjoy every second and can relate to so many things that happen to them, which I guess is the beauty of Friends. Wasn't there a Facebook group called "there is a scene in Friends for every moment in life"? I'll have to check...

Lately I've also been thinking a lot about careers and jobs since my latest employment has come to an end and I am currently looking for another student job to keep me afloat throughout the last months of my master's degree. Thinking about work made me realize how our conception of it has changed. For my parents generation, it seems to me that work was a way to make a living and not much else. It didn't necessarily have to be pleasant or interesting as long as it payed the bills and work life was clearly separated from private life. 
Whereas we, millennials, are a lot more concerned with happiness and with filling our lives with things that matter to us. And it is reflected in the way we envision work. We want to get more from work than money to pay the rent. I know want to do something that I feel passionate about, that will allow me to bloom and thrive and improve myself. And if being a girl boss is what it takes then that's what (I think) I'll do (gold star if this reminded you of a certain Bon Jovi song).
I've had several interviews lately and in the past two or three years and I'm really starting to be tired of feeling like a circus animal jumping through a ring of fire to please an audience who doesn't care and tired of feeling like I have to apply for jobs I have a thousand times the potential to do just become my bachelor is pretty much worthless if not accompanied by a master. When I look at the job market, I get such a feeling of hostility from it. It is like the popular clique at high school that everybody is trying to join, but only a few privileged people can get in. It seems like such an oppressive mold that only people with the "right personality" or the "right mindset" can enter. I know I definitely don't fit in. And I don't think I want to...

Studio DIY, can't clutch this #cantclutchthis

Studio DIY, can't clutch this, #cantclutchthis

Studio DIY, can't clutch this, #cantclutchthis

Outfit details:

Coat - H&M (old)
T-shirt - Target
Jeans - La Redoute
Boots - Isabel Marant (second hand)
Clutch - Studio DIY
Lipstick - Charlotte Tilbury in Electric Poppy

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