vendredi 2 octobre 2015

The White Shirt

This shirt used to belong to my boyfriend. One day, he found it in the back of his closet and gave it to me. It was a much appreciated love-token at the beginning of our relationship, but as the years went by and our love grew stronger the poor shirt found its way back to oblivion. 
A wardrobe clear out a few weeks ago brought it back from the dead and I was faced with a difficult question to toss or to keep? As a gift I found it hard to part with, but as an item of clothing I found it hard to style and was tempted to donate it. At the end of this mental debate, I decided to keep it and gave myself the challenge to find a way to wear it. I first tried tucked into a skater skirt, but it looks to formal and business-womanish. I then tried to wear it more casually and wore it as pictured below. While it definitely has a masculine shape, I tried to counterbalance this by mixing it with feminine pieces such as the black mini skirt and a vintage bag. I quite like the result even though it might not be very flattering on my figure. However, I think it is a real wardrobe classic and something to wear to death in Autumn, when the weather is still mild, as it is quite hard to layer, due to its marked shape and stiff material. 

Parka - H&M
Shirt - Boyfriend
Skirt - H&M
Bag and Scarf - Vintage
Shoes - Zalando
Watch - Marc Jacobs
Rings - Pandora, H by Rose, Accessorize

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